brand concept 

It is our design goal to create comfortable wearability through luxury pattern and raw materials, and presents elegance that is natural like the second skin. Especially, the brand proposes feminine and luxurious emotion only for "Cahiers" by applying elegant silhouette and delicate details to life style of modern people.


Brand leading the new trend every season with our own emotion rather than pursuing other tend.

Brand showing the harmony of a beautiful and perfect technology, and fancy but restrained, calm couture art.

We have products that will make our customer the heroine of any place they want to receive attention, and we want to be remembered as a brand which every woman wants to have the most. Also, we want to be the brand of dream and elegance which our customers want to hand down to their daughters after the time with its added value by the time.

 Brand Philosophy 

The wearable product which used curve in diverse variation with soft and elegant silhouette in feminine and urban emotion is proposed. Also, the products shows off design harmonizing moderate practicality, creativity and fancy details that are delicate and couture using ruffle, trimming and appliqué. Also, without colorful technique or printing, it balanced various neutral colors to give a sense of simplicity and elegance.


design concept